Montreal Compassion Center

Our mission :

1) to provide information relating to the therapeutic use of cannabis.

2) to provide access to a safe and reliable source of cannabis products for people suffering from ailments for which cannabis has been shown to be effective.

3) to supply a variety of high quality products to meet members' individual needs and requirements.

The Montreal Compassion Centre exists because people are suffering unnecessarily. The MCC and dispensaries like it are necessary to fill the gap between our society's widespread acceptance of the benefits of cannabis as medicine, and our government's reluctance to provide that which thousands of Canadians need: a reliable source.

These past few years, many studies have confirmed what people have known for over 5,000 years; that marijuana truly has practical therapeutic value.

In only a few years, we have witnessed a true societal debate on this subject in many western countries.

Compassion centers and clubs strive to provide an essential - but not-yet-legal service in a manner that is as secure and tolerable as possible.

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